Arlo Pro Setup

If you like the concept of a security camera that is wireless completely wireless, then Netgear’s Arlo Pro system is one to consider. The Arlo Pro is the latest generation security camera that can easily be placed anywhere in your home or business with the included magnetic mounts.

With the Arlo Pro, you get simple installation, free cloud storage and a weatherproof design. Arlo Pro comes with a central hub known as a Base Station. You can connect all your Arlo cameras to the base station which in turn communicates with your home network. It is important to sync the base station & arlo pro cam to complete the arlo setup process.

In this article, we are going to explain the process of Arlo pro setup. Also we will tell you that how to set up Arlo base station.

How to Setup Arlo Pro?

Step 1: Download and setup the Arlo App:

  • To start the Arlo Pro setup process, first download the Arlo app on your smart phone.
  • Now open your Arlo App and tap the “New to Arlo” button.
  • Next, it will request you to install the base station. For this, connect your base station to your wifi router by using an Ethernet cable and plug in the device in power outlet.
  • Once you have setup your base station, press “Continue” in the app.
  • The arlo app will search for the base station automatically.
  • Now, click “Choose Time zone” & press “Continue”.
  • Next, App will tell you to give your device a name. Name your Arlo Cam and press “continue”.

Step 2: Create a Netgear Account:

  • Now you have to create an account for your Arlo Pro Cam.
  • Type your e-mail address & press “Next”.
  • Now enter unique user name and password for your account and click “continue”.

Step 3: Sync Your Arlo Cameras to the Base Station:

  • To start the Arlo setup, insert the battery into the Arlo Cam.
  • Now press the sync button which is placed on top of the Base Station for at least two seconds. After pressing the button, the green light will start blinking.
  •  Sync Your Arlo Cameras to the Base Station
  • After that, press the sync button on the Arlo Pro camera until the blue LED light begins to blink.
  • Now, your Arlo Pro & Base-station automatically connects to each other.
  • Next, you can press “Finish” to complete the process or press “Add More Cameras” if you have more to connect.

You have completed the Arlo Pro setup process successfully. Now you can update the firmware of the Arlo Pro and the base station by following the instructions provided in the app.

We hope this article will help you out to know how to set up Arlo base station. You can contact our technical team anytime for any issue and query.  We have a toll-free number that is available round the clock for your assistance.